Campbell's Go For the Gold! Incentive Challenge

Campbell's Go For the Gold! Incentive Challenge
Posted on 03/19/2021

Dear Families,

Please check with your child about our "Go For the Gold" Incentive Challenge!

This year we are doing things a bit different than years past. During each of the 3 months, March, April, and May, your child will participate in a monthly event where they can earn a certificate for meeting specific requirements stated in each challenge. The number of certificates earned will determine whether they win a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal!

Events by month: March=Reading April=Math May=Fitness

In order to meet the first challenge, your child should begin to keep track of their nightly reading. There may be a time when your child is not able to read at night during the week. That’s ok! Have them catch up with the reading on the weekends. Your child may want to read even longer than the grade level expectation. Encourage this! The benefit is great! Your child’s teacher will send home/ post the form to track their reading.

Challenge for the Month of March:

Pre-K= 18 Books

Grades K-4= 250 minutes

Grade 5= 600 minutes

Let's Go For the Gold!