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Welcome to Campbell Elementary!


It is the vision of the Campbell Elementary School that a safe educational climate will exist where diversity and individuality are celebrated and respected; and where all members of the professional learning community and families accept the challenge of assuring that each student reaches academic success.

Dear Elementary Schools Families,


Please join us in “Family Info Session: From Elementary to Middle School”, where families whose students are attending 5th grade will learn how to better support their children with this transition, and what to expect in middle school. It will be a big change, but you are not alone!

The session will be online through Zoom from 4 to 5 pm on the following days:


Normandin Middle School, Wednesday, March 3rd

Roosevelt Middle School, Wednesday, March 10th

Keith Middle School, Tuesday, March 23rd


To register, please complete the following registration form or send a text message to Orlenda Jackson at (508) 717-8060.

English registration form:


En Español

Estimadas Familias de la Escuelas Primarias,


Acompáñennos en la "Sesión Familiar Informativa: De la Escuela Primaria a la Intermedia" en Español, donde las familias con estudiantes en 5to grado aprenderán cómo apoyar mejor a sus hijos con esta transición y qué verán en la escuela intermedia. Será un gran cambio, ¡pero no usted está solo!

La sesión será por internet a través de Zoom de 5 a 6 pm los siguientes días:


Escuela Intermedia Normandin, Miércoles 3 de Marzo

Escuela Intermedia Roosevelt, Miércoles 10 de Marzo

Escuela Intermedia Keith, Martes 23 de Marzo


Para registrarse, complete el siguiente formulario de registración o envíe un mensaje de texto a Orlenda Jackson al (508) 717-8060.

Formulario de Registración en Español:


Em Português

Estimadas Famílias das Escolas Primárias,    


Por favor, participem connosco na "Sessão Informativa para a Família: Da Escola Primária à Intermédia" em Português, onde as famílias de alunos estão cursando a quinto ano aprenderão a apoiar melhor os seus filhos com esta transição, e o que se espera na escola intermedio. Será uma grande mudança, mas não estão sozinhos!  

A sessão será online através do Zoom das 4:00 às 5:00 da tarde nos dias seguintes:


Escola Intermédia Normandin, Quinta-feira, 4 de Março  

Escola Intermédia Roosevelt, Quinta-feira, 11 de Março  

Escola Intermédia Keith, Terça-feira, 30 de Março


Para se matricular, preencha o seguinte formulário de inscrição ou envie uma mensagem de texto para Orlenda Jackson em (508) 717-8060.


Formulário de Inscrição em Português:


Cham ri tz’ij K’iche


Jonojel Familias rech ri Tijobal Intermedia,


Na’ jun t’oq’op tz’aj q’uk cham “Sesión Familiar rech No’j: Kmajtik Primaria cham ri Intermedia Tijobal” cham ri tz’ij  K’ichecham jun ri’ ri familias ki kmajo jas utz’ k’t’o’o ri ak’al qalj cham jun b’e ri’, xuquje jas kibaj cham ri secundaria tijobal. Jun ri’ are’ jun nim jalbal, xuquje at t’kel-taj!

Jun sesion ri’ are’ kabanik en linea xuw cham Zoom kmajtik 5 kisik 6 pm cham ri q’ij pitnaq’:


Normandin Intermedia Tijobal, Ukaj q’ij, Rox ik’ 4

Roosevelt Intermedia Tijobal, Ukaj q’ij, Rox ik’ 11

Keith Intermedia Tijobal, Ukab q’ij, Rox ik’ 30


Rech ka tz’ibaj a b’i’, na’ jun t’oq’op nojsaj ri wuj tz’ibal b’i’ pitnaq’ o t’q’a’ jun tz’ij mensaje che ri winaq’ Orlenda Jackson cham ri ajilabal (508) 717-8060.

K’iche Wuj Tz’ibal b’i’:


Orlenda Jackson 

Lead Family Engagement Specialist

Wraparound Services | New Bedford Public Schools

Family Institute for Student Success (FISS)


Title: phone - Description: phone-icon  508-997-4511 Ext. 14109
Title: website - Description: website-icon  

455 County Street, Room 244  New Bedford, MA 02740


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Grade 5 Families Family Info Session

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Message from principal Wheelden

Message from principal

Dear Parents:

Becoming involved with our Campbell School community is a very important part of your child's educational journey. Campbell School offers lots of opportunity to get involved. One place to start is to be involved with the Parent/Teacher Organization; PTO. This group plans lots of educational and exciting activities for our children. Get involved to help us strengthen our Campbell School community and help provide our children with programs and opportunities they deserve! PTO meets about once a month for an hour. Can't make the meeting? You can connect with the PTO and assist them with activities and events throughout the year. Look for the PTO newsletters for meeting dates and upcoming events.

Another way to become an active member of your child's education is to be a part of our "Parent Involvement Activity" which happens every school year. Your child's teacher will send notification of this project home when it is time.

Be sure to stay in close contact with the school about your child's education. Your child's education is very important to us. The staff at Campbell School welcomes any questions and/or help you may need in order to ensure your child is getting a quality education.

I'm looking forward to a fantastic school year. My hope is that our students believe that they can learn anything! My hope is that they learn that their effort and attitude determine everything!


Lisa Wheelden, Principal

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